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I have been blessed that no matter where I am in life I have had good friends as long as I let them into my life. I’ve done things within friendships that I wish I could take back and change, there are friendships that the tides of change have ended and friendships I’ve chosen to end. Some I miss greatly, some I think back on fondly, and a few I regret most of the friendship (I won’t discount how much I’ve learned and grown from those). Friends have always been there for me and I am deeply grateful for each whisper, giggle, comforting hug and late night conversation. 

Time and distance both change friendships in many ways. In elementary school cancer is what stole my best friend away from me. I look back on the sleepovers, late night giggles and the times that we just sat together because Charlet didn’t feel up to anything else and am grateful for each moment.  High school brought hours of dragging main and working on the next great prank for our seminary teacher and that all ended after graduation. Friends who wouldn’t have been a friend if they didn’t have kids in the same program where I was better known as Charlet/Michael/Kaede’s Mom than Heather. So many seasons and different friends for each.
Then came hard decisions, some chaos, hard things and difficult times and in the shake up my friends were shaken up too. Friendly acquaintances turned into rock solid support, coworkers turned into a safe harbor, people I barely knew turned into a personal cheerleading squad for when I didn’t believe in myself. When things turned difficult a few weeks ago I knew exactly where my support system was and I have doubts that they will continue to be there for me because they’ve already stood through my storm with me. 
Then this afternoon I realized how blessed I am to know there are friends who have my back. Thank you more than words can express. 

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