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I’ve been asked a few times lately “what I miss the most”. Without going into unnecessary details it’s not what I miss exactly it’s what do I want, hope for, long for. 

There is a post on Huffington about ‘boring’ men. It hit on many things that I want, made me think of many others. I want a shoulder to cry on literally, for hours if needed, words optional a whisper that everything will be okay bonus. Someone to spend hours in the kitchen making their favorite meal for when they’ve had a hard day or maybe not hours — I don’t care if the favorite is Ramen noodles — but a smile of appretiation for a labor of love melts my heart.  Someone to share a great day with;  It’s hard coming home from a great day at work high to a dark and empty house. Surprise planning and things like Christmas; it’s more fun working out details with someone. Someone to talk about the quiet, personal spiritual moments;  not necessarily just spiritual moments but times that are personal enough you don’t want to tell everyone but wish you could share with someone. 
Now that it feels a little (okay, lot) like I’ve bared my soul I’m going to go listen to sad country love songs to fall asleep.  Have a good night!

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