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Xtreme Crochet

It takes a unique talent to injure your spine while crocheting, but I happen to be just that talented. I did a pretty good job of it too, like who knows when I can go back to work sorta good.  It hurts to breath deep (extra pressure) lay down, cough, sneeze, hiccup, stand up, sit down and laugh. Laughing hurts a lot. I love to laugh and that pain is only trumped by the pain of trying not to laugh which is funny on its own. My “position of comfort” is walking at snail pace but that’s not a sleeping position and I’m exhausted with a side of grumpy.

I’m not completely changing topics, I promise they tie in together. I’ve been dating someone since May.  Initially I enjoyed seeing him when I’d put enough time and energy into getting ready. I still want to be my very best me, but I’m thrilled when he comes to see me at work even though my navy blue scrubs, no to little make up and ponytailed hair is far from the best me but I don’t care. 
After all it’s not like he’s coming over when I’ve been in pj’s all day, hair not done and a pained look on my face. Oh, except for he has and perhaps more than any other time I felt loved. He came right after work (when I’m certain he’d rather be home resting from a busy few days) because I asked for a blessing. While he was here he did some ‘honey do’ things I would be not even be able to try. He walked with me, snails pace at best, warmed my heart and brought a smile to my face. 
I can’t begin to describe how amazing it feels to be fussed over and have a shoulder to cry on when bad days hit. As much as all of the best dates and long talks mean to me, this afternoon means so much more. 
❤️ ~H
P.S. I’d be fine if this was the lesson I needed to learn and tomorrow woke up feeling 100% or even 50%. Not counting on it but it would be nice. 

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The Art of Doing Nothing

I think back about five years ago having a homework assignment to “just be”. Find a grassy spot or somewhere comfortable and just let everything go. It took me a long time to manage it for just a few minutes and it seems to have a fine line between the art of doing nothing and lazy.

In my mind, if there is stuff to be done (you know, The List) then it needs to be done and other things like doing nothing have to wait until the doing stuff list is empty. Reality is that The List will never be empty and there are always important things to be done. Doing nothing couldn’t wait much longer though. 
Today I may have perfected the art of doing nothing. I feel recharged, connected to family and friends, and energized (not in the caffiene OD sort of energized though) my heart is happy and there is a smile on my face. What did I do to get all that?  Nothing, absolutely nothing. We closed ICU in time to see the parade so my little work jaunt doesn’t count for much. Not a single thing on The List was marked off though. 

I’ve spent more time this summer watching sunsets, stargazing, and listening to muddy waterfalls than ever before. Doing nothing has been amazing for well being, as well as having a friend who is perfectly fine doing nothing with me. I challenge you to go and do nothing for a few minutes. Mentally running through or adding to The List isn’t allowed, stressing about whatever needs to wait either. Please, go forth and do nothing. 

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