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Warm fuzzies

There is some online bickering tonight among some very real friends of mine. It makes me sad and my heart is feeling a little fragile tonight so I’m taking that extra sensitive and turning it to good. 

Thinking about this group of friends, they’ve walked me through weekly trips to Orem, twice/month to PCH, tests, procedures, evals, Early Intervention, and IEP fun. We have shared stories, tips on how to best get a stool sample of liquid stool from a diaper, campaigned for funding at Capitol Hill, laughed together and been a friend when things seem lonely and no one else really understands and the world seems lonely. I’ve cried over children who have passed away, cheered at milestones met years behind schedule and watched kids grow from babies in a stroller over video conferencing to going on trek last summer. It’s an amazing group of amazing women and I would have been lost without them. So grateful for technology that keeps us connected. 
I’m similarly grateful for my ward. When they juggled us up I felt lost and invisible. I knew I wasn’t, but my heart didn’t. All of the people who checked up on me if I missed a Sunday or activity I’d typically be at were gone. I still miss them tons, but I have grown to love our ward. They don’t just love and care about my kids in emotions, they use the action form. I can’t begin to explain the depth of my appreciation for my ward family for all they do for us and the example they are.  
The weather lately has been beautiful. Amazing storms and gorgeous sunsets with golden leaves up the mountain. 

I have more, but it’s late and tomorrow starts early.

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