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For a short time I’d considered not doing 30 Days this year, but I’ve done it (with varying degrees of success and completion) through photography for the last 10 years.  It’s given me better perspective and strength through some rough times. I don’t need it this year the way I have others but it’s a tradition I don’t want to give up and it always refreshes my attitude of gratitude so I’m doing it again.  

I am grateful for everyday heroes. Not just the ones who stories are told about and recognized on the streets but the ones who come to my rescue on stressful busy days when I lock my keys in the car. The stranger who held the door open when I had arms full of toddlers and babies, a kind smile on a bad day. 
My definition of hero is someone who steps up when others don’t and they leave the world a better place even if just for a moment. 
p.s. I know I haven’t updated in forever, but I’m getting married. Nov 21, yes of this year. I’m sure you’ll be hearing details in posts to come. 

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