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The two second catch up. Wedding was absolutely perfect, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Married life has been amazing, Michael broke his arm and it’s healing very nicely but he’s missed basketball for the year, my back is slowly improving (ever so grateful for epidural injections!) Christmas came and went with all the typical magic, flu came with all it’s fun and somewhere in there we ended up with a new year. I’ve missed blogging and hoping that things are settling a bit. 

At work there is a quote up that says “a goal without a plan is just a wish” I think about at Girls Camp this year when we talked about maps and charting your course. Having a compass will give you the ability to stay the course, but only if you use it. 
I’ve been very blessed this last year, in ways far beyond my dreams. I am completely happy and at peace and I want this to be my course not just a pathway I cross. I want to never lose the faith I’ve gained the last two years, the understanding and personal relationship I’ve built with the Savior, the realization of what my perfect life is (which is full of bills, chores, work, family, friends, obligations, and joy) and what it isn’t (there isn’t much easy in my perfect life). As I’m on this path I’m finding I’m becoming more of who I want to be. I’m more accepting, more grateful, happier, and hopefully more giving. It’s hard for me to find a compass for these goals. When your goal is tied to something easily measurable like pounds lost, money saved, miles ran it’s easier to find if you’ve fallen from your course. 

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