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The Good Life

I’m laying here, exhausted but unable to sleep. So, so many things running through my head and a heart full of gratitude. I wish I could capture how I feel right now and save it for dark days. 

Life is far, far from perfect but I wouldn’t change a thing (ok, I would love my kitchen sink back!). Housework, bills, projects, and meetings all are ahead of me and they aren’t anymore fun than they have ever been, however my life feels so absolutely full and blessed. A few weekends ago I left my house full of family still sleeping to go to work, very disappointed in the fun I’d be missing. In one sigh I was able to be grateful for the family that I pined to be with and for the job that has sustained me for so long. I clocked in a bit misty eyed and with a better attitude. It was still a hard day to be inside working instead of outside with my family but underneath the hard I recognized the blessing. 
So, life is good. Very, very good. I’m still around, just busy. 


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