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Welcome Winter

Spring snowstorms are my very favorite.  They are heavy, wet and give us necessary moisture for summer all without bitter near zero (if not below) temperatures and bitter winds.  This winter has felt like not winter at all, almost no snow and a few rain storms in there (yes, rain) but not nearly the moisture we need stored in the mountains.  This is the second weekend we’ve had soft, heavy snow storms that make the roads a slick mess but coat the rest of the world in a beautiful white coat.  It’s not very cold and it looks like a winter play land in my backyard.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Fortunately for my play land, these storms are also huge light boxes capable of being as effective as a green screen.

Ms Pria, playing in the snow

I have a bunch today and outside is pulling at me, so I took a break with my camera while letting Pria out and came up with these.  I’m back inside now, making sweet pork, cilantro lime rice, and black beans for Michael’s birthday dinner.  I have a post for him mulling around in my head but need less distraction around me to write it — watch for it later.


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