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Edward Bulwer-Lytton coined the phrase “the pen is mightier than the sword” I don’t know anyone who hasn’t at some point been hurt by harsh words.    Words said in anger, while in a painful place, or even words that left unsaid in painful silence.  Perhaps the worst is when words and actions don’t match up.  The internet is full of memes trying to inspire the world to T (is it true?) H (is it honest?)  (is it inspiring?) N (is it necessary?) K (is it kind?) before you speak, be kinder than necessary and so many others and those who are unkind need kindness the most — combining the power of words with actions.  Just as words have the power of bringing pain and hurt they can uplift, bring hope and heal.

At times emotions run so intense that they spill out in a fury of words, easy to justify because they deserve it, the situation called for it, or it just couldn’t be helped–unfortunately these situations only hurt everyone involved even when they can be justified.  As I think about role models in my life and the attributes they possess that I want to emulate the one constant is that they are always kind, in words and in actions.

I dream of a world where being kind, not just to our friends but to everyone especially when they don’t deserve it, and wonder what that would look like.  If mean behaviors were countered with kind words and understanding.  I keep trying and having to start over on bad days when my patience runs short and the list of demands on me runs high and my sarcasm changes from humor to a coping mechanism.  I justify it and in the morning promise to start over again.

I look at the problems our youth are facing with bullying that extends past the school day and creeps into their home over the internet.  Words, nothing more than words that sap our youth of their confidence, self worth and inner strength.

Please, please be kind.  Always.


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