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I have started multiple blog posts that I keep needing to polish up, but life keeps getting in the way.  I’m off for a few days so maybe there will be a lot coming in my next few days off but no promises.

burn scar from Brian Head fire, just below Yankee Meadows

Today we drove up to Yankee for the first time since the Brian Head fire.  Yesterday we went up the canyon, past Cedar Breaks and over to Panguitch lake then home and saw some of the burn scar there.  Today we walked through some of the burn scar just below Yankee.  Standing in the middle of the black and charred trees knowing what use to be there took my breath away. The wind through the trees brought the smell of fire out instead of a flurry of aspen leaves falling down.  I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve heard “it will never be the same again”  I loved camping/fishing/Sunday afternoons at Yankee, and it’s all ruined now and similar sentiments.  The fire was devastating to many, all with different coping mechanisms and ability to handle hard things. 

wildflowers growing in the burn scar

There are patches of green among all the char, footprints left by deer, and a chipmunk scampering through the rocks.  Aspen trees are growing again, grass and flowers popping back up as well as growth I couldn’t even see.  Seeds that need the heat to sprout.  If we look at the fires in Yellowstone and how the area has recovered there is hope to be seen.  It won’t ever be the same, but it will be better.  The forest has a life cycle, and often part of that life cycle involves fire or bark beetles killing trees.  The forest isn’t ever the same, but it grows again.  Where the stream ran through the burn scar was where the most growth was seen.  Instead of patches of grass and wildflowers bright green spread out away from the water.

Everyone in life has things that feel devastating.  Everyone.  We all have different coping mechanisms and our ability to handle hard things all varies as much as the hard things themselves.  From private trials that feel like they have to be shouldered alone to public fights to things that are difficult to imagine like the shooting in Vegas, I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t have something they are fighting.  Something that changes their life forever.  Something which makes it so things will never be the same.  Devastating things and things that leave scars on our body or our soul.  Things might not ever be the same again, but growth is possible.  Strength to be gained in the middle of the trial, patience learned in the midst of frustration and tears.  Growth we don’t even realize is possible inside of us, sprouting because of the heat. 

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