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I know the years that 30 days of gratitude were trendy people got tired of the posts.  I haven’t seen one yet today, but I’ve been thinking, planning, writing, and shooting my 30 days for the past few weeks.  It has helped center me and given me a new perspective while evaluating what really matters the most.  If you are one of those who doesn’t want to see 30 days posts you also may not want to be seeing my pancreatic cancer awareness posts that will be going on all month long.

Cedar City LDS Temple at sundown

Last Friday the Cedar City LDS temple opened for tours to the public before being dedicated in December.  I’ve been watching the temple the past few years feeling peace from the beginning while sitting across on the hill, sometimes seeing big changes and sometimes not.  There is nowhere else I have found to remind me of what I value most when life, work, and busyness clouds my priorities and makes it difficult to remember.

Cedar City LDS temple at night


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