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I know it seems simple, but I really enjoy good food.  Baking, cooking, sous vide’ing, grilling, eating, pretty much all of it!  Great British Bake Off is one of my favorite shows and tonight I tried a hot water pastry crust for homemade pot pies.  The filling was easy peasy and so was the crust, especially for a new recipe and a new method.  I wanted to try at deep dish pie in my springform pan, but there was no agreement on turkey or chicken so I made smaller ones (still a smidge too big for a single serving but that didn’t stop me from continuing to eat)

I’ve never known extended hunger, where my next meal was coming from, or wanting a snack and worried if I ate some of the food in the house I wouldn’t be able to get more.  Almost always people are welcome to eat with us because we have plenty and I realize how privileged I am to not know hunger and I am very grateful.

Pictures are nothing to be excited about, I popped up my flash because people were hungry and waiting for me to pull out the tripod was not going to happen!  I also have zero skill at plating food, but it tastes good and that’s what matters — right?


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