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A few nights ago I took a few moon pictures practicing for tonight with the full moon, but tonight the moon is hiding behind clouds so now you get my almost full moon practice shots.
With some notable discussions, night time allows for a reset and reflection.  Richard G Scott talks about how valuable the first morning moments are for reflection and insight.  First morning moments aren’t possible without night.  The world quiets and stills for a short time. On hard days I get through knowing that night time is coming, giving a break to my body and soul.
Those first nights after Neil’s diagnosis and every other Hard Thing I’ve ever been through have been a long and exhausting.  Afraid to fall asleep because in the morning I’d have to go through the shock of realizing my reality again.  There are a few moments that continue to grow shorter and shorter until they are gone between sleeping and awake before I’d awaken to my reality and my world would come crashing down again. Night still allowed me moments of sleep and a break from all the phone calls and tasks.


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