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The past few months my eating has been crazy erratic. I’ve tried track through My Fitness Pal and failed. I tried tracking and having coworkers hold me accountable — then someone makes a run to Cafe Rio and my willpower of a slug fails. 

During school I had good success with Weight Watchers, partially because I always had Colleen next me saying “is that a cookie?  Why are you eating a cookie?”  I used it online and had my accountability in my best friend. 
She’s moved away and my accountability has changed, willpower is missing.
So I signed up again, plan to use the meeting for accountability and this week is my assessment week. Eating what I normally eat and just getting in the habit of recording everything. Come July I’m going to try Tonergy and see if I can get my body moving more too. Oh, yikes July is nearly here. 

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