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I have friends {yes they have children} who are not as overwhelmed by laundry as I am. One has set laundry days, one does a load every day, one has less of a system but no one seems to be as overwhelmed by a constant Mount Washmore as I am. 

The one constant among these friends?  They fold in a timely manner. I hate folding. It seems to be the common thread and I am tired of fighting the laundry monster and losing so I’m changing up my game. Today is day 2 of folding everything in a mostly timely matter. I am also folding what I washed plus a few extra things, I have lost ground to be making up here. 
I will report back in a week. I wonder how long it will take me to not be behind?  I also am working 7 in a row and with the new dress code I only have 3 sets of scrubs. *sigh*
If you have a magical wonderful laundry system let me know. 

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