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List of things I want and/or need to accomplish this summer, in no particular order.

•Enjoy all the good about summer. Late nights, gorgeous evenings, flowers, sun on my face. 
•Paint the house
•Wildflower festival at Cedar Breaks
•Star party at Cedar Breaks (anyone know how busy those are?)
•Feed the ducks at Parowan’s duck pond
•Family and friend party
•Hike to Big Tree
Cedar Breaks overlook after snow storm

What is on your bucket list?

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I am having a slow start to this morning, my body moaning at me that the muscles used to roof are entirely different than the muscles used on the busiest night of being a nurse. I need to get up and get going, shingles are all over the south side of the house and I need to mow down the weeds and try to find a way to protect my front flowers.   I know Dad will be here soon. 

The dumpster!  Yay!

Mid day on day one. Lots of work done that doesn’t get a picture. Like measuring etc. 

I have been working nights this weekend so more work is done after my “end of” pictures. 
“End of” day one

Hmmm no end of day two pictures. I will have to run out and get one before we start. 
From the roof looking down. Scrapping is more fun than throwing shingles into the dumpster. 

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