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Goodbye Summer

Summer for me ends in a whirlwind of school starting, Kaede’s birthday, Labor Day, county fair, usually Mom and Dad coming home from Alaska and a little of who knows what else thrown in,

This year for Kaede’s birthday we went to Bunker Pond for some gratitude perspective on our weather up here.  We did manage (barely) to not melt, but I didn’t take my camera so I will add a few phone pictures after I’m done.  On the way home the Vue’s transmission decided to have a tissy fit and spew some fluids everywhere.  I didn’t realize they were designed to be able to handle such things and have a breather tube or tissy fit tube, that lets some of the steam off.  That took a detour and a stop off of the side of the road just past the Hurricane exit and we were back in business.

Sunday morning I talked in church (I will post about that in an upcoming post) but was the talk written?  Oh heavens no.  They are never actually written out for me, just a sketchy outline but I wasn’t even that far.  I’d thought about it tons but hadn’t put anything down on paper and the notes I made in my phone on Gospel Library weren’t in the order I wanted to give them and my phone is too small to read off.  Once again, I didn’t melt and neither did anyone else.  Overall I think it went well, but I don’t mind talking.  People liking to listen to me is another matter entirely though.

Monday morning we were off to the Labor Day fair.

CVHS Marching Band

CVHS Drumline

You know it’s a county fair parade when there are dogs riding on a tractor

Kaede as a banner carrier for CHS 
Michael and his sousaphone.  I’m proud of how hard this kid can work.

A girl and her flute. I don’t think she is playing with that smile on her face

From the parade we headed to the cabin.  Terry brought his new toy and had as much fun teaching the little ones to shoot as they had shooting.  The rest of the big boys did too.

Benny, Michael, Kaede, Terry, and the new toy

Michael taking a picture of Terry teaching Kaede to shoot.

Kaede being coached by Uncle Terry

Jelly!!!  Neil and Ryker playing cards, Josie behind them and Grandpa to the right

Kaede and Jo off on an adventure

Michael shooting.
Path to the Rock John.  Not a very glorious end, but I love the path.

Neil and I went up this path to check the water tank, and looking down towards the court yard and the cabin I realized that this is my favorite place on earth.  Memories of family reunions with extended family, quick trips with Grandpa and running all over the hillside.  If I got “lost” I walked downhill until I found the stream and then followed it to the road and walked back up.  I could write a book titled “My Side of the Mountain” if the title wasn’t stolen already.  Pulling onto the lot worries fly away and a quiet peace takes their place.  Definitely my favorite place on earth.

It was a crazy weekend with lots of road time (with lots of kids!) but worth every second of it.  I’m not yet recovered and into my work week.  Oh well, sleep is overrated isn’t it?


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I think/hope to have started a yearly tradition. Timing kind if sucked, but when in the summer are you going to fun a Saturday that most people aren’t busy?  

Girls and I went up to the cabin Friday to de-cobweb, de-spider and open up the windows at the cabin. The time at the cabin was great without electronics {yes that includes blogging} we ended up going for a slow ride around the loop and while we didn’t see any elk we did see several bucks, a herd of happy cows, a gaggle {?!?} of turkeys and I ran smack into drifts of memories. No camera except for my phone {I know!  See what my life has become?!?} but this mountain is one of my places on earth. 
I’d trade all my bucket list locations to be able to call this home if I had to and I’m grateful I don’t. 
Or up on top

My heart lives in these mountains.

As we were locking up and double checking everything {except the dart board} I asked Charlet if we were leaving it better than when we came. Most of what we cleaned the spiders will replace by September but I realized it ran deeper for me. 
So much of my identity and core beliefs are tied up in that little lot and buildings. I was taught how to work hard, how to have fun, importance of family and friends,as well as so many other lessons. Grandpa built the cabin to be used and enjoyed by family and friends. I don’t think he was smiling down on us from heaven today I think was there with us for every pool shot, the burnt potatoes, the elk sausage breakfast. 

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A while back I posted a few pictures of the cabin on my quick trip up and back. The cabin was not on the list today, but {surprise!} my plans were turned upside down and my solution was a trip up the mountain. We brought the cousins and I was able to get things opened up a little and chase a few cobwebs away. 

Everything is better at the cabin. 
I can picture Grandpa sleeping on the leather couch
Memories of him teaching me to shoot flies with air from an empty pellet gun, bat hunting in the barn, the summer Grandma would bake in the wood oven. 
Not much has changed and there are some high cobwebs that have been there for who knows how long. 
The summer after we had to read “My Side of The Mountain” I felt like that could be the title for my summer. On the backside of the hill away from all the traffic of Kent’s Lake road all you can hear is the gurgle of the stream, buzz of insects in the trees and chatter of chipmunks. I’d ride up with Grandpa and after we’d done whatever needed to be done I’d take off and wander all over the hillside, sometimes following the stream down to the road. 
If there is anywhere on earth to go and remember Grandpa its the cabin. His vision, dream, and work. I could almost hear his soft snoring today as I dusted. 

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Fake it ’til you make it has worked for me in many situations from being happy about housework to finding the energy to keep me busy during a serious slump. 

I’m not exactly faking it, but I have been trying to keep busy to keep everything ‘okay’. It works, but the level of busy it requires is exhausting to maintain. Then there are the days that it requires busy level impossible. That’s been my last week – ten days. 
I don’t like not being ‘okay’. I’m not even certain what people mean by okay, or what my personal definition is but I like it and I hate it when it’s gone. 
One thing I realized today is that there are ways to be okay other than being busy. The screens for the rental were at cabin so I made a trip over today to grab them and the girls wanted to stay with their cousins and I got to make the trip up the canyon alone. 

I dumped an emotional bag of stress as I crossed The Bridge and pretty soon everything was okay. 
Butterflies danced on the wild flowers. 

I could hear the creek, smell the trees, and breath in the crisp air. 
Then I had to come home where reality waits for me with a daunting list. I want to give in, throw in the towel, run away, hide under the covers forever.
I can’t “can’t” because the stakes are too high and I’m too stubborn to give in. Hmmm, stubborn. One of those negative connotation words that has a lot of good in it too. 
Maybe my ‘endure to the end’ is carefully disguised as stubbornness. 

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