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Rarely do things I read on the Internet make me angry. This is an exception that is coming back to me, days later. A friend who is in the early stages of getting a divorce posted looking for some additional strength. Really, who hasn’t needed a little extra strength at one time or another?

Someone replied that you are either doing the right thing or you aren’t. If you are doing the right thing you shouldn’t need to be looking for strength. 
The early days of getting a divorce are hard. Really hard. I had no doubt it was the right choice but daily I went looking for strength. I found it on my walks, in visits with the Relief Society president, when I was falling apart knowing I couldn’t go on and surely there couldn’t be another day after this one is there?  Yes, I needed to find extra strength. 
Going back to school with little kids.  Oh heavens did I need to go looking for strength. Making the decision to walk away from a bad situation?  Takes strength — staying is much easier. Going to Sacrament meeting at 9 am when I got home at 7 and have to go to work again takes emotional and physical strength. 
So tonight when I don’t feel strong enough to stand up to what is before me I’m looking for strength. I fought for this, would have fought to be bitter end if needed.  None of that makes tonight any easier and so I go looking for strength because I know it is there, I know I can do hard things and I know in the morning the sun will rise again. 
Meanwhile I write, read, and pray because I’ve learned that the deeper the strength is hidden the more powerful it is when it’s found. 
So, you can take your sentiment of if you are doing the right thing you don’t need to look for strength and run away elsewhere, I have no interest in playing with you. 


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