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I have burned off significant stress, work through problems in my head and found peace in my flower beds. I was greeted this morning coming home from work by my carnations blooming. 

My dark iris opened up yesterday
Pansies always make me smile inside. 

My new poppy had to fight the wind

This sweet little thing opened up too

My Mexican primrose is vibrant
Even my hen is going to bloom. 

This summer I fully subscribe to garden therapy. I’ve poured out my heart and occasionally watered my flowers with tears. Turning the parking strip into a flower bed has been a great stress relief. 

With a bunch if perennials it will take years of patience to see it as I imagine it now. Nothing worthwhile in my life has come easy, this is just a lot more physical work and somehow a little easier to be patient with. 

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Less than a week. No more weekends until after I graduate. No more EMS shifts, no more Sundays.


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I’m admittedly not the biggest wal-mart fan. Unfortunately in this area there really isn’t much choice. So if I have to be at wal-mart anyways I like to go past the garden center because I know who supplies a lot of their flowers, and they aren’t from China and the plants don’t come laced with lead.

I found this beauty there today.

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