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I again missed much of Conference Saturday and Sunday, so I’m reading, pondering and studying bit by bit. The talks I did hear on Sunday I didn’t make any notes during, so far from my standard. While reading Boyd K Packard’s talk on fasting I realized how much work and progress I need to make in fasting. For years I had reasons not to fast. Pregnant, nursing, too hard when you have kids to feed and so reasons turned into excuses.  

Then I had my big epiphany that wasn’t about fasting at all. For decades I’ve sat through General Conference feeling inspired, uplifted, and spiritually fed but not once have I thought to set formal goals based on the inspiration received. This time I am going to write them down in the notes section of my Gospel library. Easy to link to the talk that prompted the goal and gather other references.
The first talk I read was President Thomas S Monson on Sunday morning. I loved this quote about temples. “Inside this sacred sanctuary, we find beauty and order. There is rest for our souls and a respite from the cares of our lives.”  On our quick trip to St George and back Neil and I took a few minutes to walk around the temple grounds.  I truly do love to see the temple.  I snapped this picture and have been test running apps for photos so I tinkered and came up with this–it’s going in my note for goals too, if I can add pictures that is. 


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