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April 2013 General Conference Boyd K. Packer
Not just your standard lets start this meeting or pray before we eat, but what I’ve referred to as Enos prayers. 
Listening to Conference in April I couldn’t focus on much else besides the highlighted portion. To a single Mom who is frustrated about the lack of Priesthood in the home, even with it only being a phone call away that blurb was heaven sent. Lately it’s been easy to tell the difference between standard prayer and a sincere talking to God prayer. The difference isn’t always what words are spoken but in my heart. 

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I have ideas for a couple of different posts today. This is none of them — what today boils down to is me needing a little perspective so today you get a gratitude list. Don’t worry, other posts will be coming.

  •  I’m grateful for modern (and not so modern) medicine. I’m also grateful for insurance so I can access physicians and treatments.
  • I’m grateful for my garden and the memories from childhood tied to gardening. 
  • I’m grateful for the rain and weather we’ve had, it’s been very refreshing. 
  • I’m grateful for prayer, in so many more ways than I can express tonight. It is what keeps me going when I don’t know if I can go any further. 

Have a goodnight, and sleep well. 
Yesterday’s quick haul. I ran to get some stuff for lunch quickly. 

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