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I had originally wanted to get my bedroom done and both me and Kaede moved downstairs by my birthday. I should have realized exactly how unrealistic of a goal that was with work, kids, housework, my March motivational level.

I’m getting closer, and I think I’m going to enjoy having the downstairs to relax in and take some of the over crowding from upstairs. By closer I mean the rugs downstairs shampooed, the back door put on (it doesn’t fit right, it warped in the garage so I’m waiting for help there) a new light put up in the laundry room, glass ordered for the backdoor and the back porch window. Oh, and colors finally picked out. 
The ceiling will be a darker gray and still undecided about the floor. It might end up being just a rug found at a later date. 
I was recently asked if there was something that I enjoy doing that I haven’t been lately and I couldn’t come up with much besides shooting but that’s pointless with a dead computer anyways.  Today I realized I might not have a hobby I’ve been neglecting but I have projects that were going to be winter projects that haven’t gone anywhere yet so I will work on them, trying to balance that with all the other stuff I have to do. 
I am going to need help “moving” downstairs and I hate asking for help so instead I’m offering to trade help moving big things for a pan of cinnamon rolls. It’s a fair trade isn’t it?  Let me know if you’re interested in cinnamon rolls. 

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I’m sitting here reflecting back on the last few weeks of roofing. List style.

  • glad I can roof, would be okay NOT roofing anytime soon
  • my roof is bigger than I thought. 
  • kids were pretty amazing while I was working (extra shifts and extended shifts thrown in) and roofing trying to get things done. Kaede ate more turkey sandwiches than I’d expect in those couple of weeks
  • I’m glad it’s done. 
  • if you want to grow closer to someone reroof with them. I’m willing to bet any hard working project will work too
  • grateful for tender mercies and outright miracles. 
  • weird ankle stuff aside, my body is grateful it’s done. My elbow held out amazingly well (see above) and weird ankle stuff waiting until the roof was done (see above)
  • 2 weeks of windy but otherwise cooperative weather was amazing and never happens around here (see above)
  • the roof that love built. I am so grateful to Dad, without him I don’t know what would have happened. Home Teachers and neighbors who stopped by to help toss old shingles saved me more than a day, without a doubt. 
I still don’t have a done picture without the air hose in the way but as soon as my ankle lets me I have one more chimney to caulk and gutters to clean — may as well hang Christmas lights too — I will get it then. 

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Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is Dad’s birthday and while I’d love to have him here, I’m grateful he has stayed at home and in a very un-Dad-like move has stayed at home not doing much.

A few days ago I posted a picture of me on the roof and commented that I wished I’d have had a Wonder Woman shirt on. Really, replacing the roof isn’t a huge deal  to pretty much anyone but me. However, my Dad is a super hero in my book. From helping me with the roof (okay, I was helping him) to little things like nearly always being willing to grill Moroni Barbeque Turkey and growing up never questioning that Dad would always have my back, no matter what but not to the point of shielding me from consequences. We were accountable for mistakes we made or bad decisions. 
This is really the picture that needs a superhero cape.  Wait, I can see one there can’t you?   
Kaede helping Grandpa with the gutters

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Project Update–Day 7

I will be tired forever. Russell is coming with Dad tomorrow!  I’d happy dance if I had the energy.  Neighbors came over today and picked up all the old shingles plus some other driveway junk. Saved me a day that I’d have been on my own.

I work tomorrow night, again, then out of town on Sunday. I haven’t looked past Sunday yet. 
Today we cleaned up the west side and shingled up to the vent level. I don’t have a picture of the west side, but here’s and up to date north side. That’s how high the west side is. We’re short shingles because we were told 3 bundles to a square but each bundle covers 25 square feet. Dad will work that out tomorrow though. I doubt anything will be delivered before Monday though. 

Having the roof as done as it is makes me want to paint even more. Like there is time before it gets too cold?!?  

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Today was windy. Very windy. 
Lick all the Chapstick with sunscreen in it off your lips kind of windy. Nice and sunny though. The spots I had hives swell up on me are blistered on top of burned, my cowlick is burned, my face is burned and blistered, my lips are hideously blistered. I’m quite the sight. Do as I say not as I do style of nursing. 
My body still aches but in light of Dad’s time before he goes on a work trip being limited I’ve stopped hauling old shingles to the dumpster and have been up on top. My aches are more specific and sleeping at night instead of working is great for exhaustion levels. 
The corner of the eaves is now fixed, the front part of the roof that is over the front room facing south is done to the ridge cap, side facing east is about a bundle short of reaching to the top ridge cap. Most of the work around the chimney is done but that’s not something I can help with much.
I’m feeling less shaky up there, maybe I’ve gotten my roof legs?  I work tomorrow so if anyone wants to hang out on the roof with my Dad that would be great. 
We found some abandoned homes from the year the wasps were so thick around the long gone shrub that grew into the eaves. 

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Thursday evening I found out that Project: New Roof was starting on Friday. The next day Friday not this upcoming Friday. 

Friday day I was able to cat nap inbetween dumpster delivery, shingle shopping, roof measuring and the excitement of “wahoo! New roof!”  Worked Friday night and got home 7 am Saturday  (12.5 hours of RN work) and slept for four-ish hours, then started pitching shingles into the dumpster. I’d planned on staying on the ground and relatively clean. 
Then the wind blew tar paper loose and Dad needed a hammer and me to bring it to him. So much for “clean” even by the most liberal definitions. However, scrapping shingles off the roof was much easier than tossing them into the dumpster from the driveway. I stayed in the roof playing with shingles instead of getting my before work catnap. (5 hours of roofing work)

Back to work for an extended shift (14 hours RN work) came home in time to change out of scrubs and into a dress for church. Even through Sacrament Meeting I was so tired I kept wondering why I didn’t just go home and sleep. I didn’t because of a conversation I had afterwards. Absolutely worth the exhaustion and just the pick me up I’ve been needing for a few weeks now.  Made it home to fall into bed and sleep until 2 pm (3 hours sleep time). Find out I’m on call Sunday night (oh sweet tender mercy) so I force myself out of bed and commit to not using the free time to catch up on chores. The few hours I had Sunday afternoon and evening were very refreshing and greatly needed. I manage to catch up on sleep with 7 more hours if sleep time. Up early this morning to get sandwich supplies, drinks, mow a strip through the weeds for shingles to land on and protect my flower bed (3 hours miscellaneous stuff) to climb up on the roof around 9. I didn’t go back up after the front of the house was cleaned off because I was unburying my flowers, they’re okay 🙂
I stopped at about 6:30. (9.5 hours roofing time). I am so tired and fortunately have a few errands to run tomorrow that will give me a little break, except Dad is still going to be on the roof without me here. 
My arms and back muscles are so crazy sore, my room smells of IcyHot and of course I can’t reach the sorest spots. Single Mom problems for sure. 
I feel ibuprofen kicking in, I’m going to go crash. Have a good night everyone!  

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I am having a slow start to this morning, my body moaning at me that the muscles used to roof are entirely different than the muscles used on the busiest night of being a nurse. I need to get up and get going, shingles are all over the south side of the house and I need to mow down the weeds and try to find a way to protect my front flowers.   I know Dad will be here soon. 

The dumpster!  Yay!

Mid day on day one. Lots of work done that doesn’t get a picture. Like measuring etc. 

I have been working nights this weekend so more work is done after my “end of” pictures. 
“End of” day one

Hmmm no end of day two pictures. I will have to run out and get one before we start. 
From the roof looking down. Scrapping is more fun than throwing shingles into the dumpster. 

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One of things I manage to have mastered Mom Guilt over is food.  While entering survival mode this winter and trying to keep my head above water nutrition has turned to food and success was all too often “no one is hungry”  It’s not that my schedule is lightening up any or I’ve suddenly found a wonderful chunk of time to spend in the kitchen but I have set into motion freezer meals.

I bought the Once-A-Month-Cooking book years ago {I think I was still in school} and it seemed complex, time consuming {only for one day, but when you are working, have 3 kids in activities and in a BSN program you don’t have a full day — ever} and to be honest I never even tried it.  I wanted to join a group who already did it, had the kinks worked out and didn’t require me thinking and planning.  If you wanted to do all of their meals they have it broken down very nicely but some of the recipes didn’t sound like anything I was interested in but not doing that recipe for a few different ones would really throw off how streamline they made it.  Onto the bookshelf it went with a sigh full of wishes.

Now I have less time over all, but the kids are older and don’t need constant supervision and best of all I get time without much else scheduled in a chunk.

Toss into the mix the realization that I need to pull myself out of survival mode and do something and I had the idea of getting together with a friend and doing freezer meals.  I have the downstairs kitchen, there is a plethora of recipes on Pinterest for freezer crockpot meals which don’t require any pre-cooking and we’re good to go.  I’ve pulled out my stash of cookbooks to see what I can come up with, have been pinning like crazy and I am going to go spend tomorrow afternoon with Maria to plan this out.  I hope it goes well, or what doesn’t go well has an easy fix and next time we’ll invite some other friends who are interested.

I also pulled out my Make-A-Mix cookbook.  Yes, too much for one day, but there’s the week after that right?  I’m amazed at how much I find myself smiling today just because.  I’ve been more patient, happier, enjoyed the sunshine a little more {it doesn’t hurt that I was up before the sun was close to setting!}

Since I have an empty recipe section sitting up at the top I will post what we do, the recipes and any helpful hints we find.  We may even come across a few don’ts but I always learn more from the mistakes anyways.  Time to go switch laundry around and curl up with an episode of Criminal Minds and cookbooks.  Feel free to share your successes and/or failures if you’ve done this before.

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Laundry soap

I’ve been scrapping the bottom of the box of Tide for the last few loads of laundry and I dread buying laundry soap.  Scents to decide on, prices to groan over, the pretty scent with the soap that does nothing, not to mention being daring enough to try something new and having the kids skin react.

A while back Carmina mentioned she was going to make some laundry soap.  I’d tried that when Charlet was a baby but the big bucket of half gel, half goo, half liquid (yes, I can do math) was a pain and I didn’t get my yummy smells and it wasn’t wonderful on baby spit up marks.  Did I mention it was a pain?  I never tried it again, but several years ago I came across a recipe for powdered laundry detergent.

One problem, I couldn’t find Washing Soda anywhere.

I’ve since been using washing soda as a booster in the laundry but had long forgotten about the recipe until Mina reminded me.  So today on my day off, without kids, with nothing else planned or demanded of me I chose to spend my me time making laundry detergent.  Yes, I know — I have no social life.

Now my house smells of jasmine and laundry is piling up for me to fold (why oh why can’t there be a laundry detergent recipe that folds the laundry too????)

Laundry Detergent

1 box Borax
1 box Baking Soda (4 lb)
1 box Washing Soda (4 lb)
3 bars fels naptha soap
3 lbs oxyclean (or equivalent–I used a cheap equivalent)
 essential oils if desired (I desired)

Dump baking soda in a big container (I used the roaster pan, other people use 5 gallon buckets but I didn’t have one empty) and drop in the essential oils (I didn’t measure) and let sit while preparing the fels naptha.  I grated the fels naptha in the food processor (which I had to replace, mine broke mid-project but it’s just barely been hanging on since last years mass grate and freeze episode) then processed it so that the soap was in tiny bits.  Pour everything into the pan with the baking soda, mix well and store.  Use 1-2 tablespoons per load.  I have mine is a pretty glass jar from Wal-mart and I use the tiny scoop from the oxyclean.

Enjoy the laundry. (ha! I can pretend, right?)

I got the recipe from Being Creative Blog It wasn’t the first place I saw it, but I never followed their link to the original source and I couldn’t find that blog again.  I also added some jasmine essential oils.  Maybe at some point I’ll pull out the camera and make these posts a little more interesting but for now you can go to the link and see her pictures.

As for how it works, it has Kaede’s playground dirty pants clean, socks that the kids ran outside in the mud in white, and scrubs that had…well, never mind the details there.  Scrubs are clean and fresh smelling too.

I have plenty of fabric softener for the time being but when I run out I’m making my own.


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I am hoping to make this so that it hides, it is simply a {mostly} empty post so I can play with labels, trying to make categories up at the top.

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