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But I don’t dare, and I know that there are a million things that can go wrong so I’ll just keep my mouth shut for now. Somewhat off topic, but I hate Facebook asking “how are you feeling, Heather?” because the times I really want to answer I guarantee that my answers wouldn’t be nice and kind.  Not even kind of nice.

Last week I needed a new battery in the car after having being stranded at home in the before school rush then in Beaver and finally trying to get to work.  New battery in and now the car starts amazingly well — negative teens lows and all.  Now I think my alignment is out, back driver side tire on the inside is bald.  Very bald.  Hope we make it to Friday bald.  Not too bad, Friday isn’t too far away and I don’t have a ton of places to be.  One of those places was a work meeting tomorrow {I won’t go into how unhappy I was about that meeting} but now I’ll be dealing with {drum roll please} getting my furnace working.

I have a wood burning stove with a blower attached, a space heater, and the low tonight is only suppose to be 7 instead of the previously mentioned negative teens {yes that is in Fahrenheit} I’m going to go shovel off some snow and bring some wood in, stay warm everyone.

Yes, I’m considering going to bed looking something like this {without the happy eyes}

Warmth -- 30 days of gratitude Day 1

Came back to add in how very grateful I am that I dusted last week!  I swept in and around everywhere I could think of with the blower and it still shot out a huge cloud of ash and dust.  Yay!


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