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I’m posting from my phone and blogger doesn’t have an app, so forgive any weird formatting or typos. I’ll blame auto correct before it even happens because it’s hard to read as a proof. The photo is also from my phone and only captured part of the beauty.

Utah has beautiful sunsets and skyscapes and tonight the sky was on fire and the clouds were beautiful adding extra dimension to the sky. As I took a moment to appreciate the sky and thank God for the beauty that surrounds me I realized that the storm clouds that had just been raining on me made the sky better. The storm made an ordinary sunset amazing.

I can’t see how and I still hate cancer and wish it didn’t exist, but I hope I can turn this storm into something beautiful from my very ordinary life. Don’t get me wrong, I’d jump at the chance for ordinary and boring without a second though, but that doesn’t seem to be an option right now.

***its nearly impossible to add a photo from a phone into blogger, it will come later***


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