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Spring update

The forsythia blossoms are mostly spent, same with the Crabapple tree. 

While I was walking this evening you could smell spring in the air, it was heavenly–the only thing that would have been better is if Neil had been with me. 
Two of the three transplant hollyhocks are doing ok, and the hollyhock patch is thriving weeds and all. 
Tulips are in various stages, under the pine trees they are still buds and the parking strip they are just past prime but still beautiful. 
Alums are budding. 
Dandelions are gangbusters 
The bush by the forsythia is blooming well. 
Creeping phlox is starting to show off colors. 
The columbine hiding under the daffodils has a blossom too!
Lilacs are just starting to release their fragrance 
Wallflower is even blooming 
While watering I could see the hues in the East change giving promise of a beautiful sunset behind me so I went for a walk. 
Happy spring 2015


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Dear Winter

Dear Winter,

Your time on your lease is up at midnight.  I’ve noticed that you’ve been packing and not even around at all occasionally.  I think it’s great that you’ve let Spring bring in her crocus blooms and started seeing tulip and daffodil greens as well as letting the robins in.  We would like to thank you for your service, for the snow you’ve left, for the bitter cold that will make us appreciate spring a little more than usual.

Now, please get out!!!  

I know how easy it is to want to show up just one more time and reminisce about the snowmen and sledding but more than any other year I will be ever so happy to see you in December and not before.


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