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I’ve had a lot of people comment on my wall-o-waters or ask if I’d let them know if I decided I liked them or not. I knew when I was a teen how well they worked, but people still seem hesitant.

They’re not the latest and greatest gimmick, they’re apart of nearly all of my gardening memories right down to wondering why I couldn’t plant apple seeds and grow apples as a very young child.

Two years ago in the middle of nursing school I got an itch to plant. In February. It’s still really really cold, and under snow in February but I managed to get ahold of some tomato plants and put them in the ground a week into March during a warm stretch. Before the plants had really taken hold and started going well we had a hard freeze. I walked outside about 10 and everything was still frozen solid. I reached down into one of the tubes in the wall-o-water and pulled out a solid chunk of ice.

I was convinced I’d lost my tomatoes, and after all who plants the first week in March and expects the tomatoes to survive?

Me, that’s who. They did survive all except for one leaf that was touching the side of the wall-o-water. If you’ve ever slept in a snow cave and know how warm it is, that is the principle behind wall-o-waters.

I wasn’t quite as anxious this year since I was busy tending to the seedlings on my washer/dryer but the tomatoes went in anywhere from 4-6 weeks before the last frost date depending on what source you use, and when there was still snow on the face of the mountain (that’s what gets me the tsk tsk’ing from the older generation)

April 18 before they were all under wall-o-waters.


May 8


May 15 after the wall-o-waters came off. Some people leave them on all season, but it makes it hard to weed the base of the plant and since my planter box is in the front yard I think the tomatoes are prettier without them. This is the earliest I’ve ever pulled them off, but the month forecast looks great and I needed to be puttering today.


We’ve even had these pop up in the month they’ve been in the wall-o-waters.

Italian Ice?  Honeybunch?

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Ok, I admit it, this post was more about trying something out, but I get some more pictures that are fitting for today.

The beans growing secondary leaves, yeah!

The SFG sunflowers. The sunflowers in the other bed got eaten and need to be replanted. If I could find a garden snake to have live in my backyard I’d be happy.

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As always, pictures are clickable and clicking on the visitor we had will bring up some nice details.


Sweet williams (I think they aren’t bushy but grew taller?!?)

Had a thirsty visitor that has me seriously checking out macro lenses.

Hollyhocks from the back


Upside down tomatoes

Peas, starting to be not so patient with them this year.


Beans being OOF in front of the corn that is in focus.

Cabbage (I discuss someone being hungry in SFGville a little later, but he stopped at the cabbage dinner too)




Pear tomatoes. There are some in the middle of the plant that are big enough to pick, just waiting for them to turn yellow.

Somethings hungry in SFGville (this is back though, not in the SFG) the other watermelon is down to just stems 😦


Crookneck squash

Baby cucumbers

Onions, they add a nice aroma to the yard, especially when the kittens run through them and kick up the smell.

Peppers. Yum?

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Here’s the deal. I’m loving my garden this year, I have people stopping to look and comment and ask questions. I live on pristine lawn drive and a lot of my yard still needs a lot of help so I never imagined that people would stop and look at *my* garden.

I feel like a new Mother with a newborn and can’t believe the day to day difference. To keep my garden picture posting contained I’m going to do weekly garden updates on Fridays. With lots of SOOC, simply progress pictures.

With that said, here we go. Warning, picture overload.

Garden Guest


Baby broccoli head

Dill, the matted smushed stuff didn’t do well during transplant but it’s finally perking up.




The Scientist’s geranium. He’s as bad to take into a nursery as my Mom is. “Mom, look at this tree, it would look so pretty in our yard” Never mind it’s over a $100 and we don’t have anywhere to put trees right now. He settled for a couple of geranium plants though.

My poppy plant, I am only getting one blossom at a time so I hope that next year I get more blossoms off of them.

Cabbage that I bought since I couldn’t find any more broccoli to replace the 2 that didn’t make it through transplant. I could only find pony packs so I have 4 cabbage plants in my flowerbed (yes, along with the tomatoes)

Nameless flower that I’ve been watching to see if it’s a weed or not. This stuff is all over and so beautiful and I have no idea what it’s called and haven’t been able to find any in stores.

My broccoli is doing wonderful, I love the greenery on these plants. If you look back to last weeks pictures these have grown a bunch.

Cauliflower starting to head up nicely. I’m still not convinced it’s not cabbage though.

Peppers, no I don’t know what kind yet but I’d guess jalepeno if I had to.

The Scientists pumpkin plant from Mrs. D’s class. When he brought it home only one of them has sprouted and luckily we haven’t planted it yet, the 2 new sprouts look a lot healthier. I need to get out digging in the backyard though. *sigh*

Camomile perking up and not looking sleepy finally. It even has some new growth.


Spinach, just about ready for the first cutting.

Corn sprouts


The last of the seeds started to come up, the only thing not sprouted yet is the beans. Well, and the things I’m still working on planting.

Itty bitty lily plant that I planted a couple of years ago but it never came up. At least it didn’t until I stuck a tomato plant nearby. What I don’t understand is why this one has buds when the one below is big, full, healthy and budless. Are there male/female lily plants?

This lily was planted the same time.

Tomato blossom 🙂 I’ve got a few baby tomatoes on the vine, now for them to grow and ripen.

Baby carrots. A few haven’t come up so I’ve replanted bare spots, I’ll thin if I need to. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember which boxes had thumbelina carrots and which ones had rainbow.

Strawberries (ones in the SFG, not in the strawberry fountain)

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I now have veggies on my veggie plants 🙂

“Tomato Balls” according to The Scientist
SS 1/250, f5.3, 165mm, ISO 200

The first of our baby pear tomatoes
ss 1/800, f5.6, 200 mm, ISO 200

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I promise, next year my garden will have it’s own blog. For this year you’ll just have to deal with my photoblog and garden pictures co-exsisting. Besides I do take some garden pictures that are more than just snaps. Occasionally.

We had a few friends stop by the garden today too.

Mr. Robin Red Breast and his lunch

Mr Butterfly (he’s SOOC)

My iris is getting ready to bloom

Onto the SFG progress

Cauliflower, broccoli, rosemary, sage, dill (it’s coming back after a rough transplant), and thyme

Pepper box, yes it’s a lot of pepper plants, no the only peppers we eat around here are bell. No I don’t understand it, and yes I’m hoping our neighbors like peppers.

Strawberry fountain, the bareroot plants are starting to green up and have new leaves. Not all of them but enough that I’m encouraged.

Peas. Yes, I had to replant and then the first planting decided they may as well come up too. The rest of this box was planted today, so I just took the peas picture.

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Things are finally starting to look green (including the grass and weeds growing around the garden beds that I don’t want there) and somehow my nice straight beds got all kind of shifty around so they aren’t as pretty, but that’s how they are going to be for this year.

The peas that sprouted. These were the only ones to come up, so I’ve got some from another package soaking to be planted tomorrow. Nothing else in this bed is planted yet so I don’t have a picture of it.

This bed has carrots and onions (it’s the 12″ deep bed) as well as lettuce, spinach, and strawberries. Tomatoes will be planted in here too. DH bought some onion plants instead of sets and they didn’t transplant real well so if they don’t perk up by next week I’ll pull them and plant sets. Nothing has sprouted yet, but this bed will be full as soon as the tomatoes get planted.

Cabbage, broccoli, and rosemary (smells heavenly) are planted, thyme, sage, and cilantro will be planted in the empty diagnal spots.

Peppers, we have bells and jalapeno planted, the empty spots are for habenero. I don’t understand the pepper box, DH can’t eat them anymore and I don’t like any other than bells but he enjoys growing them so we do. It is early in the year for peppers, so these have since been covered with milk jugs. I hope to plant the tomatoes next week and keep them covered as well.

This will be the strawberry fountain. It has 3 tiers and gets watered via the fountain (see in the middle, it’s poking up a little) Right now it’s nothing spectacular but I have high hopes for it.

I have some flowers that I found on clearance (yeah!) that I have pictures of but I’ll post them tomorrow. Friday is the last day of school, so I’ll be able to take more pictures (yeah) and work in other areas of the yard (yeah)

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I went for a walk in the backyard, and just before sunset I have a streak of light shining through some trees that highlighted these blossoms giving me a natural dark background. Yes, now that I’ve found I’m going to try it with the kids for some backlighting.

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I know, not the most exciting pictures but I’m posting something. I decided since this is my 365 days through my lens it should be my life as I live it. So, boring informative pictures and all here it is.

You know those big, hard to work with rolls of black stuff to put down as a weed barrier? Did you know that newspaper works just as well? It’s easier to deal with because you can layer and stack it around the plants instead of having a long roll to deal with and having to cut out for plants.

Here it is with the mulch over the top (mostly, I’m not all the way to the edge yet) We get a lot of swampy puddles here from broken rain gutters so I usually stick something in a big pot that can be moved where the calla lillies are now. I do need to find a home in the ground for the lillies soon.

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Definitely wishing we had a bigger tarp, I still have another batch of dirt that needs to be made but it’s exhausting. I’m planting a few things tomorrow too, and putting the guides on the boxes.

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