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The timelines assigned during history classes typically focus on concrete details. Begin and ending of wars, government changes, significant social changes etc. Personal timelines are similar: first steps, first word, able to tie a shoe, started kindergarten, hit a home run, graduation, etc

What if we changed those tick marks to less temporal milestones. 1991 — learned the value of daily scripture study, 1995 — went to conference with seminary counsel and had significant testimony building experiences, 2004 — gained enough faith in myself to go back to school, 2008 — humbled to have the responsibility on my shoulders that comes with nursing, 2009 — understood the meaning of individual worth beyond a dictionary definition and most importantly that it applies to me. 
That’s not a complete timeline, and just hits some superficial milestones but how would things change if instead of remembering when we did things if we remembered when we learned, grew, or strengthened ourselves {or would it change at all?}   

Last week I visited with Sister Horton and was not at all prepared to answer “how are things going?”  I’m not certain I’ve chatted with them since Charlet was a baby and so much has changed since then. I took deep breath and said “things are better than they were” and it wasn’t until after I said it that I realized I believed it.  
My things timeline right now is overwhelming.  My timeline I’d titled “who I am becoming” more accurately describes me, or at least the me I try to focus on. I believe in myself, I have learned I can trust others, I know now I am never alone regardless of what the world sees, I have a deeper and broader definition for love and for peace. 
How would you rather your timeline be?  A list of events and accomplishments or snapshots of who you are becoming?

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