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We saw oncology again yesterday and left with a plan and lots of new information.  Serious information overload.

Good news is there is no metastatic spots (spreading) so it’s all just hanging out in his pancreas.  Overall staging is stage 3 (T4 N0 M0).  Bad news it is still wrapped around the artery (celiac access or celiac trunk) in a place that the artery can’t be sacrificed and it can’t be cut away from the artery so he isn’t a surgical candidate yet.  Plan is have a port placed on Tuesday and then start a chemo regimen called Folfirinox.  It’s as aggressive as chemo for pancreatic cancer gets and we hope it shrinks the tumor away from the artery so that Neil becomes a surgical candidate and we can just have it all cut out.  The surgery is a big deal surgery, but I’d like the tumor out of there.

We have a class today to talk about his chemo and plan, then family pictures tonight and then we have a break until Tuesday early morning.

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