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They went back last Thursday.

The Investigator is in *gulp* middle school. At back to school night there were make-up wearing, cell phone carrying, walking fast so I’m not associated with my parents teenagers. Those teenagers were students. In some kind of reality that has bypassed me until now I didn’t realize that the students go in as big kids and leave as teenagers.

School 003

The Scientist is in 4th grade and has a teacher we’ve had before that I loved. I have absolutely no doubts that he’s in the best classroom this year that he could possibly be in. I hope and pray that all the work and effort we’ve put into his evaluations works.

School 023

The Informer is in first grade, I’m excited to see where this year goes for her. She is an amazingly little social butterfly, stopping to talk to everyone.


It feels strange sending them out the door at different times, to different schools then I realized that last year is the only year that they will all be in the same school at the same time.

School 031

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Back to school that is. Good and bad here we go, The Investigator’s last year at elementary, and The Informers first. Kindergarten doesn’t start until the 26th so I’ve gotten a slight reprieve for her.

Back to School

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