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To be honest, I’m kind of freaking out about taking my boards. It’s not a eustress kind of situation where you put everything into motion to deal with what is coming up, it’s a paralyzing “holy crap! I have to take a major test a week from Tuesday that so much is riding on” kind of stress.

I took a practice test tonight and did learn a valuable lesson. I missed a couple in a row and was having a bad day anyways so I just kept going along doing worse and worse, feeling stupider and stupider. Me? an RN-BSN? Nah, just give me my camera and I’ll be good. There is a big need for starving artists right? So, I stopped and took a couple of breaths and blew off some unrelated stress and I started to be able to hear Marlene Hursts voice “that’s not nice…” and “you’re gonna pick {whatever} because you don’t know what to do?”

I did significantly better towards the end of the test even on things I knew nothing about. Time isn’t a problem with tests for me so I may be taking multiple breaks.

Since my new job has started I’ve had no time to spend in my yard with my flowers and I realized that I have nearly missed all of ‘iris season’ just stepping out quickly to take a few pictures.

This has some harsh shadows, but it was intentional and just for me. I feel like I’m dealing with some harsh direct lighting in my life right now as well as in this image.


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