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So many adults cringe at the thought of a lawn full of dandelions. Aisles are full of dandelion eradicating chemicals in stores everywhere.

We were walking around the block and there are two houses on the other side that could be on a weed and feed commercial. Their front lawns join and one is dotted with dandelions everywhere and the next has 1 dandelion on it anywhere. Just as I was noticing the stark difference, The Informer commented on how sad the house without dandelions must be without any wish flowers.

Somewhere along life our perspective changes. What was once a beautiful wish flowers bringing with them all the magic and wonder of spring and childhood becomes a weed, a chore to get rid of to gain bragging rights about our yard.

It has made me stop and wonder what other things in life has our perspective changed on, perhaps causing us more work and stress than is necessary instead of being able to stop and enjoy or perhaps even benefit from.

I leave the dandelions, partially because we don’t have much grass in our lawn (trying to decide what to do with it but no great plans yet) and partially because they help our watermelon patch. Their deep tap roots reach below the hard pan and bring up minerals and promote earthworm tunnels.


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DH discovered what has flattened my squash, cucumbers, canteloupe, and pumpkins.


The kids named him Inchy and want him to live in the garden forever. Ummm, not likely. He’s eating it all! It’s bad enough that they don’t leave the peas alone long enough for us to do anything with them but now they’re inviting non-humans to munch on my plants? I don’t think so.

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I’m feeling better about playing with textures, I just wish I could get past feeling like it was luck when it works.

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My attempt at getting the dahlia picture into my personal top 20 images failed miserably. The dahlia is sitting at #88. Not very interesting is it? Alternatively, apparently my picture of garlic sprouts has enough interestingness to make it into Flickr Explore (just barely, and I uploaded it on the 4th and it’s just now there but hey, it’s there)

Garlic, it’s interesting.


I’m giving up on interestingness for the time being, I’d hate for curiosity to kill this cat. On the garlic sprout front though, they have grown significantly in the 2 weeks since I took that picture.

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Chive Duo

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In reading my Carrots Love Tomatoes book this spring I learned that watermelon grows better amongst weeds. Now, for the last few years I’ve gotten away from planting things in categories, trying to use companion planting to keep bugs and pests at bay and enhance growing but this was my first aha moment with weeds.

They can be helpful! Especially if they have a tap root and reach below the hard pan. So, my watermelon is planted in a lovely patch of dandelions and marshmallow weed (I don’t know if that is what the little beast is actually called but that’s what I’ve called them forever) Eventually I would like to replace the dandelions with hollyhock but my yard is such a slow moving process that I take what I can get and not having to fight the dandelions as much this summer makes me happy.

I can also see a talk in there somewhere about how kids will flourish even when planted in the middle of the weeds as long as they are given plenty of compost, sunshine and water. Not only will they flourish but they may grow stronger and be more productive than those who are planted in the perfect soil with not a weed in sight.

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