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A few weeks ago I went up the mountain with The Investigator’s class.  I have a couple of pictures from the field trip up on Flickr (click the picture and it will take you to my photostream) but this is from today, just down the street.

I wasn’t sure if fall would hit in town or not, it has been one of those eerie years where things stay green then all of a sudden it’s winter.


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I’m feeling better about playing with textures, I just wish I could get past feeling like it was luck when it works.

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My attempt at getting the dahlia picture into my personal top 20 images failed miserably. The dahlia is sitting at #88. Not very interesting is it? Alternatively, apparently my picture of garlic sprouts has enough interestingness to make it into Flickr Explore (just barely, and I uploaded it on the 4th and it’s just now there but hey, it’s there)

Garlic, it’s interesting.


I’m giving up on interestingness for the time being, I’d hate for curiosity to kill this cat. On the garlic sprout front though, they have grown significantly in the 2 weeks since I took that picture.

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Chive Duo

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