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I knew going into healthcare that I would always be learning. New equipment, new tests, new diseases, new treatments, new classes to take. I’ve always said that I could be a wonderful perpetual student and that is part of why I chose healthcare (or why healthcare chose me)

What I didn’t realize is how many other lessons my patients would have for me if I could just take the time to open up and learn with my heart. I know reading lessons that others have learned is never as good or memorable as having learned it first hand for yourself but I would be selfish to horde my newly discovered insights. I will warn you that as you read these posts (I plan on more in the future) nothing you see will be earth shattering information, just tidbits that have really been driven home to me.

That said, here we go. Lesson #1

So much comes down to two things. Attitude and Knowledge. Sometimes the course of one’s life is set and all the medical technology in the world and the most care providers can’t change that. The attitude that you have while on that course will make all the difference in the world to you and those around you. Knowledge factors in here because without knowledge of what is happening in your life uncertainty and doubt creep around in the dark corners of your mind. Even if the knowledge is a poor prognosis or otherwise categorized as bad news you at least know what you are up against instead of standing in the dark wondering what monsters are out there.


Is it a noxious weed or a beautiful shape full of texture just waiting to be photographed? It’s up to each of us to decide, and one of those decisions can be “both” We don’t have to let the weeds over take our lives to be able to appreciate them for the beauty they have.


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