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Gratitude Day #2

I’m grateful for fall. So many things about fall are a sensory seekers perfect season. The crunchy leaves beneath your feet, the crisp air, smell of snow in the near future.

The early snowstorm this year stole our leaves in town, and the ones on the ground aren’t as crunchy as normal but they still make me smile as I shuffle through the deepest part of them. Hopefully they dry out enough that we get to play in a pile of them before it snows again.


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A few weeks ago I went up the mountain with The Investigator’s class.  I have a couple of pictures from the field trip up on Flickr (click the picture and it will take you to my photostream) but this is from today, just down the street.

I wasn’t sure if fall would hit in town or not, it has been one of those eerie years where things stay green then all of a sudden it’s winter.

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