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Almost got one

I remember being in elementary school standing in the middle of the playing field during a snowstorm chasing snowflakes, trying to catch one on my tongue. They were falling down all around me, yet no matter what I did I couldn’t get one to land on my tongue. I’d spot one still way up high and follow it while I ran around in circles never catching anything but ending up a little dizzy.

I feel like I’ve been chasing snowflakes with The Scientist ever since he was born, and now I’m still standing in the middle of the playing field with snowflakes of information, screening tests, appointments, labels all falling around me. I’m not going to run around on the field chasing a snowflake from the distance; I’m going to stand my ground and catch what comes my way.

I had The Scientist in SLC yesterday for an intake appointment and left with no more answers than when we went up, but with the validation that I wasn’t wasting energy chasing after something that doesn’t exist. I can’t remember a time I’ve felt as relieved as I did when the psychologist said “I think we’ve got layers of things going on here and it’s going to take some work to pull them apart” The joy in someone seeing what I am seeing and having the resources to help.

I have a GAR filled out, ADOS (testing? eval? appointment? whatever it gets referred to as) with a neuropsych eval at the end of the month. An appointment is being set up for genetic counseling and a sleep study. I think my snowstorm just turned into a blizzard, and I’m still standing out on the playing field.

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