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Fresh tomatoes!

I planted a large variety of indeterminate tomatoes this year, several heirloom varieties so that I can start them from seed next year. Of all the vegetables that I grow and prefer out of my garden, nothing compares as much as a fresh garden tomato. So, I would love to introduce you to Mr. Stripey, an indeterminate heirloom.

Mr Stripey


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4th of July

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regardless of what the mompires from the other team were saying.


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When you are little and it the week before Christmas every day drags on for what feels like a week. Time seems to by so slow you aren’t sure if Christmas will ever actually be here. Logically you know it is coming but it just doesn’t feel very reassuring. You start to wonder if there have ever been years that Christmas got tired of waiting around too and never came.

That isn’t how this week was long.

I am through with my orientation with at the hospital and I start my intern rotations on Monday with medical oncology. I will still have 3 hour classes on Thursday but I can deal with that. Classes all day long every day all week was getting to me.

As a reward for making it through last week I am breaking my NCLEX rule today. I haven’t studied, I haven’t done a practice test, I haven’t even touched my Hurst book and I’m ignoring an email from our ATI lady is how far entrenched I am into not having studied today.

I dislike the busy ground with this one, the blurbs of bokeh light are very distracting. With my schedule this may be best shot I get of my irises this summer though.

The Trio

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In reading my Carrots Love Tomatoes book this spring I learned that watermelon grows better amongst weeds. Now, for the last few years I’ve gotten away from planting things in categories, trying to use companion planting to keep bugs and pests at bay and enhance growing but this was my first aha moment with weeds.

They can be helpful! Especially if they have a tap root and reach below the hard pan. So, my watermelon is planted in a lovely patch of dandelions and marshmallow weed (I don’t know if that is what the little beast is actually called but that’s what I’ve called them forever) Eventually I would like to replace the dandelions with hollyhock but my yard is such a slow moving process that I take what I can get and not having to fight the dandelions as much this summer makes me happy.

I can also see a talk in there somewhere about how kids will flourish even when planted in the middle of the weeds as long as they are given plenty of compost, sunshine and water. Not only will they flourish but they may grow stronger and be more productive than those who are planted in the perfect soil with not a weed in sight.

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