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staying in the game

When I played softball I did wow or awe anyone with my overwhelming talent, but that’s not what this post is about, it’s about staying in the game mentally. When I was playing ball if I wasn’t into what I was doing, it wasn’t fun, the team could latch onto any negative vibes I had going, and basically it sucked. A lot.

I’ve decided that NCLEX is less about nursing knowledge and more about a mental game.

It’s not about IV skills, or how well you can put a foley in an elderly lady who has had her hips replaced.

It’s about the mental game, and going in feeling prepared. Having a mental list of techniques and strategies that you are going to use to get you through the test. Something to keep you in the game.

A support group is a good idea. Having a bunch of acquaintances say “oh you’ll be fine, don’t worry” does not count as a support group. Having a spouse who down plays the emotional rollercoaster that sitting for your NCLEX is doesn’t count as a support group either.

So many people told me “be prepared for all 265 questions and then you won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t shut off”

If that works for you awesome. It doesn’t for me. 265 questions and sitting there for 6 hours was completely paralyzing to me. I wouldn’t have been able to get past the first question staying in the game let alone through all of them. I went in planning on taking a break at 75. I can do 75 questions. I can even do 75 questions, go out and use the bathroom get a drink and walk up and down the hall and stretch a little and then come back and do another 75.

Be prepared that the time between when you take your test and when you get your results are exponentially more stressful than anything that happened before the test.

Go in confident. You’ve been through a nursing program you have the knowledge you need to pass, you can be a great RN. Hold your head high and walk in with confidence. Prepare for every ounce of that confidence to be sucked out of you as you leave the building and that’s ok. You needed it to test and you had it then.


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