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When I decided to use pseudonames for the kids on my blog I didn’t have to stop and think about hers much.

She’s always investigating everything, from wanting to know all the details of a conversation to figuring out what’s for dinner (food is for dinner, food I said!)
The Investigator -- 30 Days of Gratitude

She’s recently hit a new stage that I was afraid for a long time. The Middle Schoolers aka “Tweens”

She’s gone from playing with friends to hanging out and there is a boy I hear about often. I’m handling this stage of childhood much better than I handled the toddler/preschool years.

She’s entertaining to sit down and conversation with that doesn’t involve cartoons or make believe. I still think it’s all happening too fast, but since I can’t stop it I’ll take a breath (or several!) and enjoy it.

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They went back last Thursday.

The Investigator is in *gulp* middle school. At back to school night there were make-up wearing, cell phone carrying, walking fast so I’m not associated with my parents teenagers. Those teenagers were students. In some kind of reality that has bypassed me until now I didn’t realize that the students go in as big kids and leave as teenagers.

School 003

The Scientist is in 4th grade and has a teacher we’ve had before that I loved. I have absolutely no doubts that he’s in the best classroom this year that he could possibly be in. I hope and pray that all the work and effort we’ve put into his evaluations works.

School 023

The Informer is in first grade, I’m excited to see where this year goes for her. She is an amazingly little social butterfly, stopping to talk to everyone.


It feels strange sending them out the door at different times, to different schools then I realized that last year is the only year that they will all be in the same school at the same time.

School 031

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In one of our conversations with The Scientist’s psychologist I mentioned that some of the things she’s pointing out with The Scientist are things that The Investigator also does (and perhaps while I thought it was within the normal range?) and asked it would be worth having her evaluated before she goes to the middle school next year.

She agreed, and gave me the name of the Neuropsychologist who is going to be helping her with The Scientist because first I should be able to get into her sooner since she has a new clinic opening up and second if we used her we wouldn’t be repeating a lot of the cross over information.

I finally talked with the Neuropsychologist’s office today and she’s scheduling 3 months out, which is what I expected when we started this with The Scientist but so many things just fell into place with him from wandering into who I needed to talk to for intake to getting an appointment in 2 weeks from that very first contact.

I’m feeling very blessed today.

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted (or taken for that matter) pictures of the kids. Here is The Investigator just before her first ever choir concert.

The Investigator

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Still playing with dandelions and the magic of childhood wishes. It is very important that they be just the exact right wish.


As an aside, I imported all of my posts from blogger and some of them got messed up. I’m not going to worry about fixing them right now and I am going to try to export the ones from my WordPress blog onto blogger. I will try to keep everyone both places updated while I decide what I should do. Any feedback would be appreciated as well.

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