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They went back last Thursday.

The Investigator is in *gulp* middle school. At back to school night there were make-up wearing, cell phone carrying, walking fast so I’m not associated with my parents teenagers. Those teenagers were students. In some kind of reality that has bypassed me until now I didn’t realize that the students go in as big kids and leave as teenagers.

School 003

The Scientist is in 4th grade and has a teacher we’ve had before that I loved. I have absolutely no doubts that he’s in the best classroom this year that he could possibly be in. I hope and pray that all the work and effort we’ve put into his evaluations works.

School 023

The Informer is in first grade, I’m excited to see where this year goes for her. She is an amazingly little social butterfly, stopping to talk to everyone.


It feels strange sending them out the door at different times, to different schools then I realized that last year is the only year that they will all be in the same school at the same time.

School 031


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In one of our conversations with The Scientist’s psychologist I mentioned that some of the things she’s pointing out with The Scientist are things that The Investigator also does (and perhaps while I thought it was within the normal range?) and asked it would be worth having her evaluated before she goes to the middle school next year.

She agreed, and gave me the name of the Neuropsychologist who is going to be helping her with The Scientist because first I should be able to get into her sooner since she has a new clinic opening up and second if we used her we wouldn’t be repeating a lot of the cross over information.

I finally talked with the Neuropsychologist’s office today and she’s scheduling 3 months out, which is what I expected when we started this with The Scientist but so many things just fell into place with him from wandering into who I needed to talk to for intake to getting an appointment in 2 weeks from that very first contact.

I’m feeling very blessed today.

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Almost got one

I remember being in elementary school standing in the middle of the playing field during a snowstorm chasing snowflakes, trying to catch one on my tongue. They were falling down all around me, yet no matter what I did I couldn’t get one to land on my tongue. I’d spot one still way up high and follow it while I ran around in circles never catching anything but ending up a little dizzy.

I feel like I’ve been chasing snowflakes with The Scientist ever since he was born, and now I’m still standing in the middle of the playing field with snowflakes of information, screening tests, appointments, labels all falling around me. I’m not going to run around on the field chasing a snowflake from the distance; I’m going to stand my ground and catch what comes my way.

I had The Scientist in SLC yesterday for an intake appointment and left with no more answers than when we went up, but with the validation that I wasn’t wasting energy chasing after something that doesn’t exist. I can’t remember a time I’ve felt as relieved as I did when the psychologist said “I think we’ve got layers of things going on here and it’s going to take some work to pull them apart” The joy in someone seeing what I am seeing and having the resources to help.

I have a GAR filled out, ADOS (testing? eval? appointment? whatever it gets referred to as) with a neuropsych eval at the end of the month. An appointment is being set up for genetic counseling and a sleep study. I think my snowstorm just turned into a blizzard, and I’m still standing out on the playing field.

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I don’t know what was bothering me so much about this years, but whatever it was I couldn’t shake.

He had IQ testing done (turned out well), BASC done (oy, I hate those things), another assessment (hmmm, ya think all the assessments are why I was nervous?)  Interestingly enough, this BASC came out the same as the one from Kindergarten.  You know, the one I didn’t like.

I still don’t like how it was used, especially on someone that young.  This time they watched him in the classroom (it was a good day, and he was on task a whopping 47% of the time — his from the week before was 32%) did all the assessments and surprisingly we don’t know anymore than we knew before.  Well, other than his IQ.

My favorite part was when his teacher said something along the lines of it’s easy to put the extra energy into helping him because it’s so neat to see him succeed.  I’ve loved all of my kids’ teachers but one, but this one goes above and beyond even what the others have.   I keep thinking of when people say “I’m sure there is a special place in heaven for her” and while I’ve understood what it meant I’ve never felt that way before.  For her I do.

It’s not just his teacher, he has such a wonderful team that I can see working so hard to help him succeed that on just the right day it makes me get a little teary.

This is an old picture, and one of those lucky captures that just happens, but it is also my favorite picture of him ever.


This was taken when I told him we had to go back up to the children’s hospital for more testing, which unfortunately included more needlesticks.


Since this is an IEP thread, here is his picture from the first day of school.

Back to School

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