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Fresh tomatoes!

I planted a large variety of indeterminate tomatoes this year, several heirloom varieties so that I can start them from seed next year. Of all the vegetables that I grow and prefer out of my garden, nothing compares as much as a fresh garden tomato. So, I would love to introduce you to Mr. Stripey, an indeterminate heirloom.

Mr Stripey


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Lemon boys, I also have some Mr. Stripey fruits starting. BLT’s and bowls full of tomatoes here I come!

Tomatoes 06-07-08

Also, I think I have it all figured out how to make my blog appear to be more of a 365 blog rather than bursts of random pictures blog. So to just be very transparent and up front, no I will not be blogging on days I’m working but you will have something new to look at.

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