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I love this yard, no matter the season. The house fits the scene perfectly too. Give me a couple of years and maybe my yard will look like this. Of course, before/after Andrea color. I’d love to do a session here.



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Thanks to a wonderful photographer Andrea Joki and her talent with photoshop tutorials I went a bit color crazy tonight. Yes, I left The Investigator in a halo but by the time I realized it, it was too late to go back.

Before (SOOC, no tweaks in RAW or anything seriously I don’t think it could get any more SOOC unless I took off my watermark)

After (yeah, I’m aware of the halo and I’ll watch it next time but for now I have got to get to bed)

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I will get it, honest I will. I’m glad I didn’t this time, I was clear across the park and even with my long lens I had to use cropping as a zoom (yes, I know that’s a bad idea)

I am going to have a chat with the coaches about them not wearing helmets while batting. Especially when there are several of them batting around at different places.

SS 1/800, f5.6, ISO 200, 200mm I metered off of his white shirt and didn’t compensate and had to bring it up in Camera Raw.

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I now have veggies on my veggie plants 🙂

“Tomato Balls” according to The Scientist
SS 1/250, f5.3, 165mm, ISO 200

The first of our baby pear tomatoes
ss 1/800, f5.6, 200 mm, ISO 200

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I found some nice light where I cut down the 9′ monster of a honeysuckle. Excuse the working in the yard look and the messy hair. I ran my color action and USM’ed, no spot processing at all.

100% crop of her eye, no USM

My iris decided to bloom too 🙂

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Prairie Dogs

I know most people around here have had it with these cute little guys, but we’re the ones who are entrenching on their homes. They’re endangered, they’re cute, they’re social. They are another reason I want a 400 mm lens.

SS 1/800, f5.6, ISO 200, 200 mm

SS 1/500, f5.6, ISO 200, 200 mm

SS 1/500, f5.6, 200 mm, ISO 200

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I promise, next year my garden will have it’s own blog. For this year you’ll just have to deal with my photoblog and garden pictures co-exsisting. Besides I do take some garden pictures that are more than just snaps. Occasionally.

We had a few friends stop by the garden today too.

Mr. Robin Red Breast and his lunch

Mr Butterfly (he’s SOOC)

My iris is getting ready to bloom

Onto the SFG progress

Cauliflower, broccoli, rosemary, sage, dill (it’s coming back after a rough transplant), and thyme

Pepper box, yes it’s a lot of pepper plants, no the only peppers we eat around here are bell. No I don’t understand it, and yes I’m hoping our neighbors like peppers.

Strawberry fountain, the bareroot plants are starting to green up and have new leaves. Not all of them but enough that I’m encouraged.

Peas. Yes, I had to replant and then the first planting decided they may as well come up too. The rest of this box was planted today, so I just took the peas picture.

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ISO 800, SS 1/125, f5.6, 200 mm (kit lens)

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Home Sweet Home

I was scouting out which branches to cut to open up the backyard the most when I had a very angry bird chasing after me. After taking a closer look I found out why.

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I’ve had that part of the song stuck in my head this evening (I don’t even know the rest of it, I hope it’s not too far out in left field) I’ve decided I’d like a life more ordinary, a yard more ordinary, a house more ordinary.

So, here are more my ordinary things.

Primary leaves on my spinach.

Lettuce (buttercrunch) The Princess decided to go digging after I planted so it’s not coming up very even.




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